Twee mensen (A en B)  bevinden zich in een kamer. Zij krijgen zakelijke opdrachten, aan de hand van foto's: 'neem plaats onder de tafel', 'verlaat de kamer', 'zet de stoel op de tafel' en zo meer. Dan krijgt ieder van hen een tekst opgedragen. De voorlezers halen stroken papier met de teksten willekeurig uit een hoge hoed. Al doende ontstaan absurde, gedragen, komische, lege, spannende enzovoorts dialogen.


Spelers: Bewoners - Jo Stewart en Bart Drost. Opdrachtgever - Silvia Schildkamp. Voorlezers - René van Haren en Lyndsay Bloom.

Teksten: René van Haren, Bart Drost en Silvia Schildkamp.

Foto scenografie: Bart Drost.

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- Okay, now we are done we have time enough to wait.

- I always wonder 'why', but these last days I just have answers.

- My shoes are hurting. The next time I gonna buy the right seize.

- My father always said 'don't repeat me! He was really a funny guy.

- 'To be or not to be'  isn't a question at all for me. 

- How many people would you like to invite for your birthday party?

- Did you walk with the dog today?

- You really need a shower

- You are so boring,can you please leave?

- Can you go to the shop and buy some toilletpaper?

- I don't want to watch television!

- It was me who has eaten all the chocolat cake

- I don’t know if you want to hear this, but must tell you:  I fell in love with a really beautiful guy.

- I wonder why I always feel alone, sitting at this table.

- Why didn’t you do your home work?

- The doctor told me the bad news.

- I’m so sorry.

- We should talk together.

- I had a bad dream this night and you were in it.

- You are so far away.

- It has to be this way. There is no solution.

- There are green turtles in the backyard.

- Eating meat doesn’t mean that I hate animals!

- I never have the opportunity to be on my own in this room.

- Maybe we have to go out for dinner today.